Three Reasons Why Children Dentistry Services Are Important 

Three Reasons Why Children Dentistry Services Are Important 

Mar 02, 2020

Most parents know the importance of pediatric dental care, but only about 25 percent of them actively take their children for dental checkups. A child’s dental health is as important as adults because teeth and jawbone develop throughout adolescence. Failure to maintain proper dental hygiene will set your children in a path of dental diseases and orthodontic treatment, such as braces. We advise you to bring your child to our Fort Meyer’s FL clinic for a dental checkup, and here are three reasons why:

1. We Focus on Preventive Dentistry

Prevention is essential for your child’s dental health. At Fort Meyer’s Dental Arts, we have a range of preventive services to maintain proper dental hygiene.

Dental cleaning and examination. Our pediatric dentist will examine the teeth and gums for any abnormalities. Next, our hygienist will clean the mouth of any plaque build-up and reduce the risk of cavities. We don’t use an x-ray unless necessary.

Dental crowns. Most people assume primary teeth are not necessary, but they are crucial as they are placeholders. These baby teeth emerge when the child is six or seven months, and start falling off at six or seven years. Protecting primary teeth is paramount because the premature loss of teeth will affect the dental structure and cause the permanent teeth to emerge crowded. Using pediatric dental crowns will protect the teeth from cavities. These crowns will fall off the same time as the primary teeth.

Dental sealants are applied to permanent teeth to act as barriers and prevent dental caries. They can last for nine to ten years with regular checkups.

Fluoride treatments ensure that the children’s teeth are protected, and they strengthen enamel and prevent cavities.

We also offer sedation dentistry to reduce unrest and keep them relaxed during the procedure. Nitrous oxide or laughing gas is the commonly used dental sedation as it has no side effects and wears off relatively quickly.

2. Friendly Staff and Calming Environment

Children are nervous dental patients and may not cooperate during the dental appointment. It is, therefore, essential to choose a dentist that can help them relax. A kid’s dentist is the perfect person to examine your child as they are not only licensed but also have training on kid’s dentistry. After dental school, pediatric dentists go through two years’ residency program where they gain knowledge on dental issues affecting children and adolescents. Plus, they also learn about behavioral and developmental psychology and can help children relax.

Furthermore, the environment is calm and friendly to keep the children relaxed.

3. Focuses on Education

Our pediatric team will also teach your child the importance of oral health and the proper brushing techniques to prevent plaque accumulation and dental cavities.

Additionally, we discuss with the parents’ different topics concerning pediatric dental health such as nutrition, fluoride treatments, teething, and developmental milestones to pay attention.

When Should Bring My Child for Their First Dental Checkup?

According to the American Pediatric Dental Associations, a child should visit the dentist as soon as the first tooth comes out or before their first birthday. That’s the only way the dentist will monitor your child’s dental health. Plus, they should have their first orthodontic visit when they are seven years.

How Often Should the Child Get Dental Checkups?

Bi-annually or as advised by the dentist.

How Can I Help My Child During Teething?

Teething occurs when the child is four months, and it is a time of great distress. Although it doesn’t cause any sickness, you can reduce pain and irritation by rubbing the gums with a wet cloth or teething toy.

Ways to Maintain Your Child’s Dental Health?

  • Clean the gums with a wet cloth to remove the accumulation of plaques
  • Use a soft-bristled toothbrush to clean the teeth
  • Don’t use a fluoride toothpaste if the child is below three years

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At Fort Meyers Dental Arts, we offer dentistry for children services to maintain the child’s dental health, so contact us for your child’s dental checkup.

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