Dental Implants in Restoring Oral Health and Aesthetic Value

Dental Implants in Restoring Oral Health and Aesthetic Value

Aug 01, 2020

Missing a tooth may lead to various oral complications and low self-esteem. You can replace your missing teeth using implants, which are therapeutic interfaces.

Missing a tooth can lower your smile confidence and lead to complex oral health complications. Your natural tooth functionalities are affected, and you are restricted to regular dietary and cleaning habits. Implants are vital in providing you with a permanent fix and restore your smile.

Tooth implants are custom-made and durable replacements that are non-irritating to your gums and oral tissues. They serve as permanent structures for your missing teeth. Ordinary dentures are difficult to wear, and you need implants to support them. Denture implants are permanent replacements for your teeth, and they aid in most teeth functions.

What’s a Tooth Implant?

A dental implant is a surgically inserted titanium rod that serves as an interface to your jawbone and supports an artificial dental prosthesis like a crown. Healing of the surgically affected part is needed before the attachment of crowns.

Implants serve as an alternative to bridges or dentures. The placement of implants doesn’t affect your adjacent teeth, and to have them, you need healthy gums, adequate jawbone, and exceptional oral hygiene habits. Permanent dentures can be used to replace your missing teeth, but unlike implants, they are short-lived.

Expectations During the Implant Procedure

Tooth implants require an invasive procedure; a thorough evaluation and preparation have to be done, using the following approaches:

  • A comprehensive dental exam is done using dental X-rays and imaging, and have, and models of your jaw and teeth are viewed.
  • Your dental specialist reviews your medical history and the type of medication you are using. In case you have underlying heart-related conditions, your doctor can recommend taking some antibiotics to prevent infection during treatment.
  • Your treatment will depend on the number of teeth being replaced, the condition of your jaw bone, and the stability of your adjacent teeth.

The placement of implants involves multiple steps which include:

  • Removal of your damaged teeth segments
  • Grafting of your jawbone when necessary
  • Surgical insertion of your implant
  • Stimulated bone growth and healing process
  • Placement of abutment
  • Attachment of an artificial toot

Why You Need Jaw Bone Grafting

In case your jawbone has no adequate mass, you’ll need bone grafting before implant surgery is done. Your implants need a healthy bone mass to withstand exerted pressure during chewing action, and grafting provides reliable support for your implants.

Natural or synthetic bone grafts can be used to rebuild your jawbone. Your dentist will determine the ideal option based on the condition of your bone mass. The transplanted bone takes several months to grow into a new bone. Minor grafts can be done during the implant procedure to ensure the insertion is successful.

Why a Dental Implant Procedure is performed

Dental implants are placed on your jaw bone through a surgically invasive approach. They serve as teeth roots. The titanium rod fuses with your jaw bone and stimulates growth. Implants preserve your oral tissues from damage and your bone from loss. Teeth implants are ideal for you if you have the following oral conditions:

  • Have oral health issues
  • You have missing permanent teeth
  • There are no underlying health issues that might affect your jaw bone from healing
  • Have a fully grown jaw bone
  • Don’t smoke tobacco
  • Dentures are not suitable for you
  • Your jaw bone is healthy and has sufficient mass to support your dental implants

The dentist near you will perform various diagnostic tests and imaging to determine whether you are ideal for teeth implants. Implants are vital in restoring your vibrant smile and protecting your adjacent teeth from drifting. An unstable dental structure may lead to the development of oral issues.

Having Implants in Fort Myers, FL

If you need to replace your missing teeth, Fort Myers Dental Arts can provide reliable and therapeutic procedures for implants. We use advanced technology to ensure that the process renders suitable outcomes.

During the appointments, the examination will be done to determine whether implants are ideal for you. You will undergo the surgical insertion upon diagnostic tests. Our dental practitioners may recommend you to undergo bone grafting if your jaw bone has low mass to support implants.

Our dentists prefer tooth implants in the replacement of your missing permanent teeth since they provide you with a prolonged service. Implants are easy to clean and indistinguishable from your natural teeth. Please visit our dental office for an implant procedure and restore your brilliant smile today!

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