Composite Fillings

Dental Fillings in Fort Myers, FL

Dental fillings are dental restorations used in the treatment of decayed, broken, or cracked teeth. There are different types of dental fillings—direct and indirect fillings. Direct fillings are applied directly onto the tooth, while indirect fillings are designed and manufactured in a dental lab and after that bonded to the tooth.

Fort Myers Dental Arts offers both types of dental fillings to the residents of Fort Myers, FL and surrounding areas.

The process of getting direct dental fillings is simple and straightforward and typically requires a single appointment. During your visit, our dentist will remove all signs of decay from your tooth, and seal the tooth using a dental filling. Indirect fillings may require two visits—one visit for preparation, which includes taking impressions of your teeth, and a second visit for the bonding procedure.

Different materials are used in dental fillings. These include porcelain, composite resin, gold, and silver amalgam.

Our dentist in Fort Myers, FL will advise you on the best dental filling material, depending on your unique circumstances.

Benefits of Dental Fillings

If you’ve experienced cavities, you should consider getting dental fillings for the various benefits that they offer. These include:

  • Dental fillings—especially the ceramic and composite resin kind—improve your dental aesthetics by matching the natural color of your teeth.
  • Indirect dental fillings—for example, inlays and onlays, which are used for severe cases of decay—strengthen the tooth structure, thus preventing future dental problems.
  • Sometimes, a dentist will use a glass ionomer to protect your tooth nerve before sealing your cavity with a dental filling. In such a case, the glass ionomer provides essential fluoride, which strengthens the tooth enamel.
  • Dental fillings prevent infection of the pulp tissue by sealing off the entry points of bacteria.
  • Filling your decayed teeth restores their functionality, thus allowing you to chew with the affected tooth again.

Caring For Your Teeth After Dental Fillings

Here at Fort Myers Dental Arts, we advise our patients to observe the following after-care tips to ensure their dental fillings serve them for a long time:

  • Don’t chew with the filled side, at least not for the first twenty-four hours. Fillings require an additional grace period of two weeks before they’re fully adjusted for chewing.
  • Avoid hard and sticky foods as these can weaken your dental fillings.
  • Don’t grind your teeth.
  • Practice proper dental hygiene.
  • Book regular dental exams and cleanings with our dentist in Fort Myers, FL, as this allows the dentist to determine whether the dental fillings are in good shape. Old dental fillings require replacement.
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