Dental Bridges

Dental Bridges in Fort Myers, FL

A fixed bridge is a dental appliance used to replace lost teeth. There are several types of bridges in Fort Myers, FL. Your dentist will help you determine the best solution for your case. The most popular restoration is a traditional bridge. This option is typically made of porcelain-to-metal. Two dental crowns cover the abutment teeth and are connected to the replacement tooth/teeth. As a result, the gaps left by one or more missing teeth are filled. Call Fort Myers Dental Arts today to book a consultation.

Dental Bridges in Fort Myers, FL

Bridges at Fort Myers Dental Arts will last for many years. While crowns are very durable, there are times when they must be replaced or re-cemented. Your dentist in Fort Myers, FL will look for signs of wear at your regular checkups. Patients choose dental bridges for various reasons, including:

  • Fill in your natural smile
  • Maintain and support facial structure
  • Prevent existing teeth from shifting out of place
  • Restore proper mouth functions (speaking, biting and chewing)
  • Tooth replacement option for patients with missing teeth
  • Upgrade from traditional removable dentures to a permanent restoration

The Process of Placing a Dental Bridge

At least two appointments are needed to place a dental bridge. After the treatment area is numb, the two abutment teeth are prepared. This means that a portion of the outer structure is removed to make room for the crown. Then, an impression is taken and sent to an outside dental lab. This is where your custom-fitted bridge will be created. In the meantime, a temporary bridge will be crafted and worn until the final restoration is finished.

At the next visit, your completed bridge will be inspected, adjusted, and permanently fixed in place. At this time, your dentist will make sure the bridge fits properly before cementing it. In some cases, your dentist will decide to place the bridge for a short time. This will allow the tissue and teeth to adjust to the new restoration. The permanent bridge will be cemented later.

After the procedure, you will be given post-care instructions. Proper oral hygiene practices and routine dental visits will extend the life of your new bridge.

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