Dental Implants

Dental Implants in Fort Myers, FL

Fort Myers Dental Arts uses the latest technology for dental restorations. We have established a patient-oriented practice in Fort Myers, FL to provide you with reliable implants for a beautiful smile. Not only do dental implants look, feel, and function like natural teeth, they can last a lifetime if looked after properly.

Considering Dental Implants for Yourself or a Loved One?

If you’re just beginning to read up on dental implants, you may wish to be aware that dental implants are popularly becoming the preferred tooth replacement option in America.

Dental implants are artificial roots that are surgically fitted into the jawbone. Once they fuse into the jawbone, they serve as reliable supports for artificial teeth and crowns. Since implants closely resemble natural teeth in look, feel, and function, they are fast becoming the standard in dental replacement care.

For some patients, we may recommend bone grafting to add bone mass before an implant procedure. If you’re looking for further guidance on implants, please feel free to contact Fort Myers Dental Arts in Fort Myers, FL.

What Is a Dental Implant Made Of?

Our dentist in Fort Myers, FL explains that dental implants are made of three main parts:

  • The implant itself: This is a medically safe, titanium screw that is attached to the jaw that functions as a root for false teeth.
  • The abutment: This is a permanent but removable connector (only your dentist can remove this) that holds or supports a tooth or teeth.
  • The crown: This is the part of the tooth that is visible and is usually made of porcelain or zirconium. These materials give it a natural look and add durability.

Why Get Dental Implants Near You

Dental implants can be used to replace a single tooth, some teeth, or a full set of upper or lower teeth.

Implants not only provide you with a lifetime of service, but they are also indistinguishable from natural teeth. Most of our patients enjoy improved dental health after getting implants, and they’re also easy to clean and maintain.

Contact Fort Myers Dental Arts in Fort Myers, FL for dental implants, bridges, crowns, fillings, and veneers.

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