Dental Sealants

Dental Sealants in Fort Myers, FL

The best and easiest way to maintain the health of your teeth regularly is to brush and floss. However, this may not be a thorough enough method. A great “safety net” method to use to protect these valuable teeth is to get a dental sealant put on them. Dental sealants, when used along with routine brushing and flossing, will help to keep your teeth as clean and healthy as possible.

An Overview

Dental sealants are an effective way to protect your teeth and prevent initial decay. These sealants will also help to prevent further damage or decay to your back teeth. The sealants are thin, protective coatings that no one will notice once they are in place. Dental sealants are made up of plastics and other dental-safe materials. They are fitted to the surface of your teeth, and, once in place, they can stop even the earliest stages of decay. Sealants will also prevent further damage to teeth that may already be compromised by decay.

Dental sealants are proven to reduce the risk of early or continued decay in both children and adults by up to 80 percent.

Why Do You Need Dental Sealants?

If you want to avoid painful cavities in the teeth or the need for more invasive procedures, dental sealants should be put on your molars as soon as possible. This will help to protect the valuable teeth that help you to chew and ingest your food. Dental sealants accomplish this by being directly applied to your teeth and protecting them from harmful bacteria and food particles.

Bacteria and food particles combine during the beginning of the digestive process and result in harmful, tooth-decaying acids that cause holes in your teeth, which may become painful and debilitating. These holes that we know as cavities can be prevented or treated with dental sealants. Once the dental sealant is applied to your teeth in a hassle-free and painless process, it prevents food particles and bacteria from causing damage to your teeth and enamel.

Our professionals at Fort Myers Dental Arts assure you that having a dental sealant applied is a quick, safe process that will not require any additional preparation on your part.

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