Restorative Dentistry

Restorative Dentistry to Correct Your Smile in The Fort Myers, FL Area

There are a lot of factors that contribute to achieving and maintaining a healthy smile. Our family at Fort Myers Dental Arts eagerly makes a wide range of treatments available to patients in the nearby area of Fort Myers, FL. Restorative dentistry focuses on diagnosing, preventing, and treating oral diseases. It also helps to restore different issues smiles may undergo, such as chipped or decayed teeth. Continue reading on to learn more about restorative dentistry and see how our effective treatments can improve your beautiful smile.

Why Are Dental Exams and Cleanings Important?

Dental cleanings and exams are encouraged at least twice a year. These appointments give your dentist the opportunity to diagnose issues that may still be in their early stages. Treatment plans can begin to be implemented during a routine exam in a practical attempt to save a smile.

What Treatments Are Available in Fort Myers, FL?

Porcelain, composite resin, and dental amalgam are all commonly used materials by our dental clinic to help restore a smile. They are all durable materials that closely resemble the natural feel and look of a tooth. Dental fillings are a common restoration that eliminates the signs of decay and strengthens a tooth. Crowns and bridges help to restore teeth that are chipped or cracked. Dental implants and partials are both used to restore missing teeth and their roots. Dental implants provide a lasting benefit of maintaining the structure of the teeth and jawbone. Inlays and onlays are used to restore the chewing surfaces of teeth that are damaged or once decayed. All these treatments focus on improving the foundation of your smile and boosting self confidence. Ask your Fort Myers, FL dentist which treatment is best for your specific situation!

Contact our team at Fort Myers Dental Arts today to set up your next dental cleaning and exam in order to keep your smile on the path to staying healthy. If you have damaged your teeth in some way, we encourage you to call our office right away and see how we can turn your frown upside down!

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