Periodontal Surgery

Periodontal Surgery in Fort Myer, FL

When people think of oral health, they often only think of the teeth. While your teeth are an essential component of your smile, it is also important to consider the gums. Gums are comprised of soft tissue and are just as likely as your teeth to become victims of plaque, bacteria, and decay. If you go too long without treatment, it is possible to develop serious health problems that require periodontal surgery.

At Fort Myer Dental Arts, we understand it can be difficult to see a dentist on a regular basis. We create a judgment-free office with the latest technology to help you overcome oral health conditions in comfort. As part of our list of procedures, we currently offer periodontal surgery near you at our Fort Myer office.

Periodontal Surgery: What Is It?

Periodontal surgery is better known as gum surgery. During treatment, our dentist can complete multiple procedures: flap surgery, bone grafting, tissue grafting, and guided tissue regeneration. Few patients will require all of them. The goal of these procedures is the same: To eliminate bacteria causing inflammation, infection, and decay.

It is necessary to use anesthetic during gum surgery. Our dentist and staff will ensure you feel no pain during the treatment. The first step is typically a thorough gum cleaning, followed by flap treatment. During this stage, our dentist removes bacteria deposits from underneath the gum line and sanitizes the area, so infection does not recur. Depending on the damage, we might then need to reshape or graft new bone or tissue to replace the damaged material.

Who Needs It?

Periodontal surgery is necessary for individuals who are suffering from the advanced stages of gum disease. It is used to eliminate underlying infections that eat away at the soft tissues and dental enamel of the mouth.

If you are experiencing pain and discomfort in your gums, our dentist will meet with you for an exam and consultation. If you need periodontal surgery, they will prep you before treatment and keep you informed about the benefits and procedure.

For more information about periodontal surgery in Fort Myer, contact us today at Fort Myer Dental Arts.

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