Root Canal Therapy

Root Canals in Fort Myers, FL

A root canal has something of a reputation for being a painful procedure. While it is a surgical procedure and more invasive than other general dentistry procedures at Fort Myers Dental Arts, a root canal is meant to benefit the health of an infected tooth and save it from being extracted. When you have an affected tooth that requires treatment, visit us at our dental office in Fort Myers, FL to have it restored to health.

What is a Root Canal?

A tooth is made up of layers. The outermost layer is the enamel. This is the layer that you see, and it acts as a protective layer for the rest of the tooth. Underneath the enamel is the dentin, and in the innermost area of the tooth is the dental pulp. It is a softer area that contains the nerves and blood vessels of the tooth. A root canal procedure is necessary when the health of the dental pulp is in danger, such as when the tooth has become affected with decay (from a severe cavity) or has sustained an injury. Failing to treat the tooth can allow an abscess to form and may eventually require the tooth to be extracted.

Procedure for Root Canals

At Fort Myers Dental Arts, our priority is your comfort and health. Before we begin the surgery, the affected tooth will be numbed using a local anesthetic. Your dentist in Fort Myers, FL will keep the tooth isolated using a dental dam, a rubber sheet that keeps it clean and dry while it is being worked on. In order to access the inside of the tooth, your dentist will create a hole in the crown (top) of the tooth. Using special dental tools, he or she will then remove all the infected or decayed areas of the pulp. The canal will then be cleaned and reshaped to deter bacteria from collecting in that area again. To restore the structure and function to the tooth, your dentist will refill the canal with a biocompatible material. The hole in the tooth will be closed with a dental filling, or if the damage was more severe, a dental crown.

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